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Article: Feeling anxious, low or sad

Is it common to feel anxious or low while in hospital, even if I’m well enough to move from Intensive Care to a ward? Yes, it is very common. Being unwell and needing to be in hospital for treatment can be very frightening, and being away from home or feeling ill often leads people to feel low in mood. This is entirely normal. For most people anxiety reduces and mood improves with time, especially when we are feeling physically better and are able to do more. Comparing what you...

Article: Feeling low or sad

Getting better after being in hospital can take some time. You may feel relieved to be home, but you may also feel a sense of loss or sadness. Low mood can affect people in different ways. The following are all common signs of low mood: Feeling sad or empty Wanting to cry a lot Getting angry and annoyed with people Not wanting to do things you normally enjoy such as going out Not wanting to have contact with family and friends Using unhealthy life choices to take your mind off how...