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Web Link: Memory loss following a ICU admission (FICM video)

It is very common for patients who have been seriously ill to report that they are more forgetful. It usually affects short-term memory, for examples, forgetting conversations from the morning or when you walk into a room you cannot remember why you went there. For older patients, memory difficulties often can affect daily life before ICU and after critical illness this can get worse. These memory problems will improve over time, but it can takes several months to 1-2 years and...

Article: Not remembering what happened to you

Once patients are transferred to the wards, they often "come to" and have to begin to make sense of what's happened to them. Not remembering (amnesia) how you ended up in Intensive Care and what happened while you were there is extremely common. Patients sometimes "lose" the few days before ending up in Intensive Care, even though they were comparatively well at that time. Not remembering is likely to be a combination of how ill you were, the nature of your illness,...