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Web Link: 10 Today: Physical Activity for Older People

10 Today is an exercise programme from Sport England and Demos, designed for older people to protect against poor health and disease, and improve mental health and maintain independence. It may also be useful for people who have just returned home from ICU and are hoping to build confidence with exercise.

Web Link: Balance exercises

This link takes you to the NHS exercise page, with some specific exercises to do if you have balance problems. Please note that if your balance is bad enough to make you fall, please discuss this with your GP, who can rule out any medical causes and refer you for help to prevent falls.

Document: Exercises for buiding strength

This is a booklet from NHS Choices. It gives examples of exercises to help build strength.You might want to speak to your doctor before trying them.

Article: Joint stiffness and pain

Patients sometimes suffer from stiff and painful joints after Intensive Care, particularly in the ankles, knees, elbows and shoulders. This can make it difficult to do simple things like getting out of bed, walking around the ward or washing and showering. Why do I have joint stiffness or pain? Patients who have spent longer in Intensive Care seem to be at greater risk of developing joint stiffness and pain. Joint stiffness and pain can be due to several things but is most likely a...

Web Link: Starting to improve your fitness

Walking is a great way to regain your confidence, fitness and independence. This link takes you to the NHS walking for health page, which includes advice on how to pace yourself when walking, links to useful apps, some exercise videos, and even advice on running when and if you are ready!

Web Link: Starting to rebuild muscle

People can lose muscle very quickly during a stay in intensive care, and this link takes you to the NHS exercise 'strength and flexibility' page, which has advice on where to start rebuilding your strength. It includes pictures of exercises in sitting and standing, and videos showing the exercises in more detail.