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External Video: Frightening dreams and hallucinations in ICU: a video by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM)

Unfortunately many patients experience hallucinations, such as seeing things that aren’t there, whilst on critical care. Almost two thirds of the patients we see in the post ICU recovery clinic admit to having experienced them. They can be very frightening and bizarre. Patients frequently report feeling that they were trapped or being held captive. Some people even felt that the staff were trying to harm or even kill them. This video is 7 minutes 47 seconds long with patients talking...

Article: Paranoia, confusion or behaving out of character

Is it common to have been confused, paranoid or to have behaved out of character? Yes, it is very common. Just as these things are very common in Intensive Care, patients often experience these symptoms in the first few days following transfer to the ward. You may have felt very confused (not quite knowing where you are or why), you may have felt that others were out to harm you (paranoia) or may have behaved completely out of character by perhaps being a little unreasonable, emotional or...

Article: Sedation (drugs to keep patients comfortable)

What is sedation? Sedatives are the drugs we give patients to keep them sleepy and comfortable whilst in Intensive Care.They are usually given into a line or drip, directly into the patient's bloodstream. Why are sedatives used in Intensive Care? When a patient is very ill, the body may struggle to cope with the severity of their illness or with some of the things we have to do in order to treat their illness. Being connected to a ventilator or breathing machine via a...