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Article: “I had these strange dreams.”

What kinds of memories or dreams do people have? It is very common for patients to have strange memories, dreams or hallucinations. They can seem very real...so real, that no matter how strange they are, patients are often unsure whether they happened or not. They can often be remembered in detail for some time afterwards. The dreams that people have can sometimes be very frightening, but sometimes pleasant or funny. Here are some examples of other people's dreams.We hope they...

External Video: Frightening dreams and hallucinations in ICU: a video by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM)

Unfortunately many patients experience hallucinations, such as seeing things that aren’t there, whilst on critical care. Almost two thirds of the patients we see in the post ICU recovery clinic admit to having experienced them. They can be very frightening and bizarre. Patients frequently report feeling that they were trapped or being held captive. Some people even felt that the staff were trying to harm or even kill them. This video is 7 minutes 47 seconds long with patients talking...

Document: Post-traumatic stress-a patient's story

This is a short article in the British Medical Journal 2012. It was written by a former patient who was training to be a Doctor at the time when she became ill.

Article: Sleep disturbances

Feeling tired is very common It’s very common to have problems sleeping in the first few weeks after you get home, even though you may feel very tired. You might struggle to get to sleep, have broken sleep, sleep for much longer than usual or sleep at different times to which you normally would (including napping during the day). Why can't I sleep? It's likely that many people experience sleep deprivation during their time in hospital. Some people wake several times...