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Article: “I had these strange dreams.”

What kinds of memories or dreams do people have? It is very common for patients to have strange memories, dreams or hallucinations. They can seem very real...so real, that no matter how strange they are, patients are often unsure whether they happened or not. They can often be remembered in detail for some time afterwards. The dreams that people have can sometimes be very frightening, but sometimes pleasant or funny. Here are some examples of other people's dreams.We hope they...

Article: Flashbacks

What are flashbacks? Flashbacks are vivid and frightening memories that come into your awareness suddenly and catch you by surprise (unlike when you deliberately choose to think about). They are often visual (you see them), but can also come in different forms, like being able to smell, hear, taste, or feel (an emotion or a body sensation) an aspect of a memory. There may be an obvious trigger (something very similar has reminded you), or it can feel like it comes from out of nowhere...

Web Link: Post traumatic stress-treatment options

This link will take you to the NHS Choices website and their pages on the assessment and treatment of Post Traumatic Stress.