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Article: Ventilator or breathing machine

What is a ventilator? The ventilator is also sometimes called a breathing machine or life support machine. The ventilator is a machine that helps the patient to breathe while they are very ill or too sleepy to breathe by themselves e.g. after a general anaesthetic. How does a ventilator work? The ventilator or breathing machine is connected to the patient via a tubing system and a tube that is inserted into the patient's mouth and windpipe (a breathing tube, endotracheal or...

Article: Weaning from the ventilator

What is weaning? Weaning is the process through which we gradually reduce the amount of support patients receive from the ventilator or breathing machine.Our aim is to reduce the amount of support the patient receives and take the breathing tube out as soon as it is safe to do so.Research has shown that the sooner we do this, the less chance the patient has of developing a chest infection (called a ventilator associated pneumonia) and the less time they generally spend in Intensive...