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Article: Drips, tubes and lines (cannulas)

What are drips, lines and cannulas? They are sterile plastic catheters that are inserted directly into the patient’s blood vessels. A peripheral line is a small sterile plastic cannula that is inserted into the small veins in the hand or arms. It is used to give intravenous fluids and medications. An arterial line (or "A line") is a sterile cannula which is inserted into an artery (usually in the wrist or groin) to allow accurate,continuous measurement of the blood pressure. We...

Article: Putting lines in

What are "lines"? There are different kinds of "lines" with different uses. Some are used to give patients fluids and medications, most commonly in the small veins in the hand or arms (sometimes called a cannula).Some medication needs to be given via a large vein (where the richer blood supply dilutes it) in the neck or groin (sometimes called a central line). These types of lines are also used to give liquid nutrition (TPN or Total Parenteral Nutrition). Other...