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About us

Researchers, patients, family members, health care staff and website developers have come together to create this website. It is based on over 100 in depth interviews with former Intensive Care patients (and a small number of family members) at different stages of their recovery.Those patients and family members gave generously of their time and experiences, and this website would not have been possible without them.We thank them sincerely.

While those interviews were very important in helping us to identify and understand the issues that patients and family members face after Intensive Care, they only went some way to work out how best to help. We worked with a range of health care staff, and asked them to help us provide useful information and advice.

We also worked very closely with a group of patients and family members to find out whether the website was helpful to them, if it met their needs and to find the best ways of presenting the information.Their advice was invaluable.

Finally, we wanted to make the website as easy to use as possible,and were very lucky to work with a company who are experts in making websites user friendly.We really hope you find this website useful and wish you all the very best on your own recovery journey. Please do let us know if you find it helpful and if there is anything that could be improved upon.You can do this by....