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External Image: Dietary advice on how to eat well to help you recover after a critical illness

This video series describes some general dietary advice on how to eat well to help you recover after a critical illness. For individualised advice, please speak to your General Practitioner (GP), doctor and ask for a referal to see a dietitian.

Article: Dietitian

What does a dietitian do on the wards? Dietitians works closely with the ward staff to make sure patients get enough nutrition to help their recovery. Dietitians provide advice and guidance on all types of nutrition, from tube feeding (either through a tube in the nose into the stomach (Nasogastric tube) or a tube straight into the stomach (gastrostomy tube), or directly into the bloodstream (Parenteral nutrition)) to eating normally. If eating isn’t quite back to normal or people...

Article: Nutritional support

Why is nutrition so important in Intensive Care? Being very ill can increase the rate at which the body uses up energy, which means that patients can lose a lot of weight while they're in Intensive Care.Another common effect of very severe illness is muscle wasting,which can affect things like mobility and result in patients becoming tired very easily. Putting weight back on and regaining muscle can often take some time. It is therefore very important that patients are well fed...